Chain Saws

For many people, the word chainsaw conjures up images of horror movies.

But for most owners of chainsaws, proper use of these valuable machines prevents horrors.

A properly used chainsaw can cut down a huge, old tree that was in danger of falling on a house. A chainsaw can cut up and remove objects blocking roads after a disaster.

It's a necessary tool for professional landscapers, owners of apartments and commercial properties, and just about every municipality. Large private landowners might also benefit from having a well-maintained chainsaw.

And that's the point. Having a chainsaw is a good first step. But it has to be kept in proper working order. That means regular maintenance. That's where Chatham Lawnmower Service comes in. We sell chainsaws and care for them to ensure they work when you need them most.

We offer chainsaws from Stihl, Echo, Toro, and others.

Click the names to learn more about each company and what they manufacture.

Avoid your horror show. Get a chainsaw from Chatham Lawnmower Service, and let us keep it working for you.

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