If you live in New Jersey, you know the power goes out. With many power lines above ground, winds, storms, and other conditions can harm the power infrastructure. That means all the things that run on electricity – pretty much most of your life – stop.

The temperature in your refrigerator and freezer starts rising. That means food might go from tasty to dangerous. Your solution might be cooking it all during a blackout and having a feast. But with an electric range, you can't do that either.

Electricity powers your air conditioning, your laptop, and your television. And if you wanted light, you might consider candlelight.

But there is a solution: A generator.

Considering the fragile condition of New Jersey's power lines, having a generator makes sense. The size and power of the unit will determine what electric-powered devices can be run and for how long.

Whether you are in business, a homeowner, an apartment building operator, or a local government, plan for your next power outage now. See Chatham Lawnmower Service for the best generator for your needs. Also, see our help maintain the generator to ensure it is ready for use when needed.

We sell generators by Echo and other manufacturers.

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