Snow Blowers

It's going to snow… eventually.

White fluffy flakes look so beautiful until you have to clean them up. Several inches of the white stuff can turn ugly.

We know that silly plastic shovel isn't going to cut it.

Removing snow the wrong way can be dangerous to you and others. People get heart attacks from removing snow the wrong way.

At Chatham Lawnmower Service, we're in the business of helping you remove snow properly and efficiently. Whether you are removing snow from your home, a business, an apartment building, or government facilities, we want to ensure you have the right equipment to do it safely.

We offer snow blowers from Ariens and Toro.

Click the names to learn more about each company and what they manufacture.

But buying the right equipment is not enough. You can't just buy a snow blower, leave a little gas in it after winter ends and expect it to start the next season. Snow blowers need to be properly maintained. Unless you want to buy a new one every season – something we don't recommend.

We are not just in the business of selling snow blowers. We want to show you how to care for them so they last a long time.

Visit us. Check out Chatham Lawnmower Service for a wide selection of snow blowers and an emphasis on top-notch customer service.

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