Leaf Blowers

Every child has the fantasy of jumping in a pile of leaves.

And just about every adult remembers cleaning up those leaves – usually with a rake – and then watching them blow back over the lawn when the wind comes.

There is a better way. A power leaf blower sends leaves where you want them to go. Moving the leaves quickly gives you time to bag them up so they can be removed from your property in an orderly fashion.

This is a majestic look of leaves freshly fallen to the ground. But piles of leaves also create potential problems. When the leaves get wet, you, your family members, employees, or visitors might slip on them and get injured.

Chatham Lawnmower Service can help. We have a selection of leaf blowers from Stihl, Echo, RedMax, Toro, and other manufacturers.

Click the names to learn more about each company and what they manufacture.

Lucky for you, Chatham Lawnmower Service not only sells leaf blowers, but we also maintain and repair them.

Good power equipment is not cheap. It's an investment in the appearance of your property and the safety of you, your family, your guests, and your employees. That's why we service what we sell.

At Chatham Lawnmower Service, it's never just about sales. It's about long-term relationships with our valued customers.

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